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At Mizzentop, children are free to be themselves. Our teachers tap students' creative, intellectual, and physical energy to get them out of their seats and into the world. They’re engineers and artists and explorers and anything else they want to be - because at Mizzentop, students know that success isn’t just about getting good grades: it’s about discovering all of the wonderful possibilities of what they can become.
"Mizzentop is paradise to me."
Build a robot, act in the play, tell a new story: at Mizzentop, your teachers encourage you to step up and stand out. This is where children find their voice and see the world as theirs to discover.
Inspiring Hearts & Minds
Love and respect are the common language here. Learning excites the mind and sparks new ideas through our connected curriculum and culture of Living Values. At Mizzentop, the courage to speak, to dream, and to create becomes a way of life.
A Foundation for Growth
We take you seriously as thinkers and as explorers. We believe your ideas matter. In small class sizes with lots of individual attention, you’ll get an education that’s about connecting and comprehending - not memorizing and reciting.
We'll show you the world. You'll find your place in it. 
At Mizzentop, you’re not tied down to a narrow sense of your own ability. You can take risks. You can pitch in. You can adapt. And that’s what life will demand of you. This is the place where you discover that your questions, ideas, and talents are needed and you are needed. This is where you learn your strengths, find your voice, and discover that there’s nothing you can’t learn. You will transform yourself, and that can lead to transforming the world.