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Pre-K through 8th Grade | Pawling, New York
We teach our students to speak their own minds, and make sure that every voice is heard; to think critically and question in their pursuit of truth; and to step forward as learners and leaders who are prepared to excel.

At Mizzentop, we discover just how big and exciting the world can be. We learn together, from our teachers and from each other, because we all have something to share.

Mizzentop, for the journey ahead.
Our students learn to question...
At Mizzentop, students are taught to explore, experience and discover the world of knowledge. Small class sizes honor our belief that each child’s educational journey is unique and worthy of respect.
Working together is the best part.
We believe community is built on a foundation of mutual understanding and respect. Multiple voices and experiences enrich our classrooms, where students are encouraged to explore the beauty of each person’s unique background.
Our classrooms are anything but ordinary.
Our students discover their passion for learning with inspired faculty who understand how each child learns. Students engage both their hearts and minds through curiosity, creativity and scholarship.
Educational Resources
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