Karin Shultz Named Head of School


The Board of Trustees and Head of School Laura Kang of Mizzentop Day School of Pawling, NY are delighted to announce the appointment of Karin Shultz as Head of School beginning July 1, 2017. Karin Shultz currently serves as Assistant Head of School at Mizzentop Day School, an independent, co-educational day school serving children Pre-K through 8th grade. Mizzentop Day School provides an academically challenging curriculum within a structure of small class sizes and added enrichment programs. It is the only Pre-K through 8th grade school in the nation to teach the Living Values Education Program developed by a team of educators from across the world school-wide.

Karin Shultz was born in Switzerland and moved to the United States when she was an infant. She grew up in Somers, NY studying both English and German, visiting Switzerland often to reconnect with family. In 1987, Karin’s family moved to Pawling, NY where she still resides with her own family. Her son Matthew (15) is a freshman at Trinity Pawling School and her daughter Ellie (12) is a sixth grader at MDS. Her husband Chris, works for a family owned business, Liberty Trucking located in Carmel, NY.

Karin graduated from Pawling High School in 1991 and attended Hofstra University, where she earned a degree in Elementary Education, Pre K-6 and earned a degree in Mathematics. While at Hofstra, she was a member of the Division I Field Hockey Team. Her love of field hockey is a passion she now continues as the coach at Mizzentop Day School.

Before coming to MDS, Karin taught at Ardsley Middle School in Westchester for nine years. Working her way through a rigorous, advanced curriculum, Karin taught students of all ability levels in grades 5-8. In addition to her teaching duties, Karin was the yearbook advisor for eight straight years. She also developed a summer program for struggling students, was a member of the Principal’s Planning and Leadership Team, worked with her department to align the math curriculum with the NYS Math, Science and Technology Standards, and served on the Ardsley Interview Committee. While teaching, she earned her Master’s Degree from Western Connecticut State University in Elementary Education and then continued with 45 more graduate credits in various fields including administration.

Karin joined MDS as a part-time teacher in 2006 after staying home with her children for two years. At MDS, Karin is currently the Head of the Middle School Division and Assistant Head of School. Karin teaches math in grades 5-8. Karin coaches students through the international Math Olympiad Program. She also offers an enrichment program, Math Counts, in which enthusiastic math students can explore, discover and connect with advanced math concepts. As a highly experienced educator and administrator, as well as a longtime Pawling resident with many ties to Pawling and the surrounding communities, Karin is uniquely poised to take on the role of next Head of School at Mizzentop Day School as of July 1, 2017. She and current Head of School Laura Kang have been working on their leadership transition since September 2015. Mizzentop Day School will be looking for a full-time, highly qualified math instructor to teach both on grade level and advanced level math in grades 5-8 for the 2017-2018 school year. Interested candidates should send cover letters and resumes to lkang@mizzentop.org and copy to kshultz@mizzentop.org.