Mindfulness at Work at Mizzentop


Students in Mizzentop Day School’s eighth and third grade are participating in special relaxation efforts as they learn to keep their minds calm and anxiety-free.

During their yoga class this week, Mrs. Kellogg’s third graders each had four smooth stones that represented calm water, mountains, flowers and space. While in their relaxation position, the students held one stone in their hands and thought about what it represented. By focusing on a peaceful scene their minds are cleared and calmed. The students can use their stones any time they need to calm down in the future.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sylvia Congett Hughes spent time with the 8th grade devising strategies for dealing with the most stressful times of their days. After school when they are juggling sports, extra curricular activities and homework, for example, tends to be a time when students feel anxious. Dr. Congett Hughes asked them to think of a time when they are most stressed out, and then draw a picture.

Dr. Congett Hughes then led the students through two relaxation exercises, asking them to draw a new picture after each one. With each mindfulness exercise the students noted a measurable difference in their abilities to draw, as their minds were clearer.

Mizzentop children are being taught simple tactics to control their minds and manage any anxiety though a variety of methods. Learning these life skills now allows for greater academic success, and will allow Mizzentop students to see themselves through more the stressful scenarios they will encounter as they grow as students and citizens.