Mizzentop Hosts No Name-Calling Week


We celebrate kindness by putting it into action! Mizzentop Day School recently hosted a school-wide No-Name Calling Week in order to inspire an on-going dialogue about ways to challenge bullying and name-calling at school and in our communities.

Research continues to highlight the prevalence of biased language, name-calling and bullying in U.S. schools. In one study of school climate, elementary school students and teachers reported frequent use of disparaging remarks in their schools and classrooms. Another study found that in the course of a single school year, two-thirds of teens reported being verbally or physically harassed because of their perceived or actual appearance, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, race/ethnicity, disability or religion with most teens also reporting that they heard students making negative or offensive remarks related to these characteristics in their schools.

No Name-Calling Week (NNCW) was created in 2004 in an effort to support educators’ attempts to address issues of bullying, name-calling and bias in their schools. At its core, NNCW exists to ensure that all students feel safe and respected and develop respectful attitudes and behaviors.

Mizzentop educators discussed No Name-Calling Week with students in the context of our twelve Living Values, taking care to acknowledge the importance of values such as Respect, Tolerance, and Unity.