Ciara ’18 Discusses the Importance of Honesty


I remember when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, I didn’t do my homework because I wanted to watch TV with my brothers who had no homework. When my mom asked if I had done all my work, I said yes. I watched my show and went to bed that night. The next morning a whirlpool of guilt from lying to my parents swirled through me. I found myself scrambling to finish my homework on the bus the next morning. Not only did I get a homework slip that day, but I also got a very long, memorable lecture from my mother about lying AND not doing homework.

Although this was a minor event in those years at Mizzentop, it made a huge impact on the following years. I learned that lying is never the right answer. Being dishonest once will lead to more lies and dishonesty to cover up the first lie. I believe that if I had told my mom that I hadn’t done my homework, the punishment would have been less harsh. If I could go back, I couldn’t stop myself from lying because then I wouldn’t learn the lesson and be careful not to lie in the future. Now if I do forget to do my homework (which I am careful not to do) I am honest and face the consequences head on.

At Mizzentop, I know honesty is a very precious living value, and I hope to help others be honest. I don’t think a society can function without honesty, and honesty is a crucial value in my life.