Running with Mrs. Shultz


“My morning run is the in-between space of yesterday’s forgotten problems and today’s beautiful possibilities,” author unknown.

It’s 5:55 am and crisp outside.  I wait for Mrs. Kellogg to fly up the driveway.  We comment on how cold it is, we fix our head lamps and try to avoid the ice.  As we run towards North Quaker Hill Road, we meet up with Mrs. Olsen and off we go to begin our day, everyday.  

Top 10 Reasons I Run Every Morning

  1. It’s simple – no technology or equipment needed.
  2. I can connect with my students and model a healthy behavior.
  3. I can eat more chocolate.
  4. It’s mindful – I’m fully immersed in the present moment of running.
  5. I like making running friends. (anyone want to join us at 5:55 am?)
  6. I come up with the most creative math lessons.
  7. It keeps me sane  – benefits all those around me!
  8. I can do it anywhere.
  9. It can be easy or challenging.
  10. Because I can.

I’ve run in the snow, in the rain, in 100+ degree heat, through cities and farms, in hotel gyms, beside beautiful lakes and rivers, in the Alps, with a dislocated finger, at four in the morning, on no sleep, when I’m sick and with friends.   I’ve also encountered bears (yes, more than 1), been chased by a goat, spotted a bald eagle and have fallen, multiple times.

I run because I love it.  I run because I need it.

While I can’t have my students run out their ideas, it is that daily run of mine that helps me become a more patient, creative, and sane teacher for them. So even as the mornings get colder, hotter or darker, I will be out there running, knowing that a good run benefits not just me but those around me.