How to Set Your Child Up for Success


Children, like adults, function best in routine. When they know what is coming next, they can prepare for it and overall be more comfortable. This is especially important in younger children who really have no sense of time.

Mizzentop Day School in Pawling is the best private day school. We offer a superior education while incorporating Living Values, such as respect, honesty, and peace, into all that we do here. We believe in educating the whole child, including socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. We believe in creating citizens of the world, and community service is a hallmark of our school.

Mizzentop Day School in Pawling also understands the importance of parents in their child’s education. Without the support of parents, our teachers couldn’t achieve the results both inside and outside of the classroom that we are known for. Our students go on to the best secondary schools and eventually universities thanks in large part to our parents. In this blog post, we’ll review some helpful tips on how you can set your child up for success in the classroom. Contact us today for admission information!




  • Instill the value of work at a young age. Work has been a part of life since the dawn of humans. From following herds of animals and living out of tents to settling the land and farming, humans have had to work to survive. However, in this day and age, Americans are spoiled. Life is incredibly easy since the days of living at the whim of animals that moved. Physically toiling the land has even been taken over mostly by machines. It’s all too easy these days for kids to learn that they don’t have to work to earn a nice life because their parents provide them a nice life. However, by not teaching your children that the nice things in life are because of work is a huge disservice to them. Make your children do their chores, from mowing the lawn, doing the dishes, and feeding the dogs and cats. Chores will teach your kids that work is a part of life and will make entering the workforce much easier for them in the future.
  • Teach them to be part of society. Kids are born into a very small world that consists mainly of their immediate and extended family. As they grow, they learn that the world is a big place — one that they have to learn to interact with and navigate as they age. By giving your kids social skills, they will be better prepared for the world. Schools such as Mizzentop Day School will teach your kids how to interact with kids their own age. Try to incorporate little activities to expand your kids skills, such as allowing them to answer when adults speak to them when you’re out and about, letting them purchase favorite items from the grocery store, and having them participate in community activities and volunteer work with others. The sooner your children learn the world is not about “mine” and “me” (it’s about others), the easier life will be for them.
  • Prioritize education. Your kids need to know that you value education so that they will take school seriously, especially as they get older. Grades matter, and with the proliferation of online apps, parents can now track their children’s progress daily. This helps parents to know if their child is doing their work or not. Education, however, begins much sooner than school does. The single most important thing you can do with your children from birth on up is read. Fill their minds with good stories full of heroic characters and dashing deeds and steeds. Spark their imaginations with books on space and books on dragons. Teach them who Hans Christian Andersen is, as well as Dr. Seuss, C.S. Lewis, and Andrew Lang. Read to your kids until they won’t let you any more — and then you can just read to your cat and the kids will trickle in. If you do this one thing daily, you’re kids will be set up for a life full of success.
  • Instill the value of relationships. This tip for success for your children by Mizzentop Day School in Pawling goes beyond being a part of society. Kids need solid relationships full of trust, love, and understanding in order to grow up healthy and feeling valued. Let’s face it, you as their parents won’t be around their whole lives. You need to teach your kids how to form meaningful relationships with others so when you are gone, they are left on solid ground.
  • Teach them to love math. Reading is the single most important thing you can do with your child in their formative years. However, math is the second. Teach them that math is not an abstract concept that is hard. It’s tangible. It’s how our money system works, how computers work, how every electronic device works, and if they understand math, they will understand half the world. Mizzentop Day School in Pawling helps our students by allowing them to go at their own pace while finding support in math. Even if your child struggles with math (many do), it’s still a valuable skill that needs to be embraced. After all, struggles are what makes us grow.
  • Teach them that work ethic trumps talent every time. We are all unique humans born with innate gifts given to us that we can use to better the world. Some of these talents are the ability to jump really high (basketball players) or very personable with amazing oratory skills (President Obama). These people usually turn out to be our heros. However, what kids don’t see and what you need to show them is the hard work behind the heros. The thousands of hours of practicing basketball and giving speeches turns into greatness. When you’re successful in your chosen field or chosen hobby, your kids will see how much time and effort you put into it and mirror that. Part of a parent’s job and a teacher’s job at Mizzentop Day School is to help kids find their talents and passions and nurture those to greatness. By nurturing your talents, your kids will too.
  • Teach them failure is better than winning, and trying is better than giving up. We all have mountains in our lives that we have to climb. Some of us will make it to the top, some of us won’t. However, none of that matters; all that matters is the journey you take towards the top — that you take that first step and try. Teach them that not starting is unacceptable. Trying and failing will teach them the lessons in life that you can’t. But they’ll never learn these lessons if they don’t take the first step. Mizzentop Day School in Pawling, a private day school, helps kids take these steps every day.


School is life in a controlled environment. How students approach life will be how they approach school. When parents instill work ethic, a love of reading and math, how to climb a mountain, and how to be a part of something outside of themselves, success is inevitable. Parents want the best for their kids. They want their kids to have the experiences they never got to, to see places they didn’t, to explore the world on their terms, and to live a life full of wonder and magic. When kids are successful, all of this is at their doorstep.

Through our Living Values program, Mizzentop Day School in Pawling, a private day school,  cultivates success in all areas of life. From academics to society at large, our students are well-rounded individuals who are ready to tackle whatever the world throws at them — and thereby find success. Contact us today for a tour of our school or for an application!