The Importance of Parents in Their Child’s Education



From the moment you discover you’re expecting a baby, parenthood begins. Every decision you make matters in your child’s life, from what you eat when you’re pregnant to what college your child should attend and beyond.


When your child is young, the focus is on daily care: diaper changes, feedings, baths, and showering with nurturing love. As your child moves into the toddler years, your focus gradually shifts more to teaching your child things, from the name of everything he or she sees around to how to pick up toys. You begin to think of which Pre-K school to send your child too, and then which elementary school and so on. Let’s face it, a majority of a parent’s job is education and preparing their child to enter the world.


Mizzentop Day School in Pawling is a top private school, offering classes for kids from Pre-K through 8th grade. Mizzentop Day School is passionate about instilling the love of learning in all of our students. We treat all of our students as individuals and allow them to grow at their own pace and develop their own interests. We foster an environment of creativity, scholarship, and character development, using living values as our guide. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of parents’ involvement in their child’s education and how they can partner with their child’s school to ensure their child’s success. Contact us today to arrange for a visit!




Being a parent is the hardest job on earth, there’s no doubt about it. Think about it — you’re responsible for molding a life to handle the hardships of this world, have morals and values, and be an upstanding citizen and active in the community of which they settle. You’re responsible for setting them up in this world. It’s a daunting task when you think about it; luckily, we as parents get to tackle this one day at a time.


When you send your child off to preschool, it can be extremely hard to let go of your child and trust someone else to help in your child’s education. However, some parents make the mistake of checking out at this point. Some parents hand over the job of educating their children completely to the school. This is against what Mizzentop Day School was founded on and what we stand for.


Mizzentop Day School works with parents in the education of their child or children. Our job is to help fill them with information and give them social skills as well as many other skills such as organizational skills in order to be prepared to leave your nurturing home when they become adults. We do this through partnering with parents as they continue their children’s education at home.


Mizzentop Day School in Pawling believes firmly in the Living Values Education program, which encourages children to think deeply and engage their hearts as well as their minds. First established by an international coalition of educators along with UNICEF, the Living Values Education program teaches respect, honesty, unity, peace, love, humility, freedom, cooperation, happiness, simplicity, and responsibility. We firmly believe that these values should be a part of our students’ lives 24/7, both at home and at school.


In essence, parents are still responsible for their children’s education even after they attend school. Students love sharing their day with their parents, telling them all that they did and all that they learned, and having their parents be involved in their school life even if they aren’t physically present.

Research continually shows that family engagement in schools and their student’s work at the school improves student achievement, reduces absenteeism, and helps parents understand what their children are learning in school. Students with involved parents or other caregivers continually earn higher grades and test scores, have better social skills, and have better behavior all around.

In conclusion, your responsibility in educating your child does not stop once you drop him or her off at school in the morning. Staying involved in your child’s education, continuing your own schooling at home, and reinforcing your child’s school’s learning will help set your child up for future success. One of Mizzentop Day School’s goals is to graduate children who are prepared to make a difference in this world and who know where they fit into it.



  • Read to your children. This is the number one thing you can do from day one that will prepare your child for academic success. And what reading materials you choose matters as well because what you put in is essentially what you’ll get out. Choose classic tales full of moral tales that will teach your child how to behave in this world, what’s right and what’s wrong, as well as great tales of literature that everyone needs to know. You will bear witness as your child’s vocabulary grows, his or her reading ability increases, and his or her overall knowledge increases as well.
  • Help your children with their homework. Helping your children with their homework is a great way to stay engaged with what they are learning. Sit with them at the kitchen table, and be available when they need help. This will not only help your child learn more, but it can also be a bonding experience as well.
  • Go through your children’s papers. Your child most likely does a ton of activities while at school, especially in the younger years. From cutting out shapes and gluing them on pieces of paper to making astronomy wheels with facts about the solar system, the amount of paperwork that comes home every week can be daunting to sift through. Still, looking over this material is a great way to expand your child’s learning and prompt more in-depth learning at home. For example, if your child is studying the stars, staying up to watch a meteor shower is a great way to foster your child’s education.
  • Learning doesn’t stop when the bell rings. Don’t subscribe to the doctrine that as soon as school is out, learning stops. In reality, we all are learning every day, but your child is learning much more. Yes, your child needs some down time, but zoning out for hours after school in front of the TV is perhaps not your child’s best use of time. Offer up supplemental learning opportunities or invest in some great online educational games that are not only fun, but are also educational.
  • Learn together. You’d be surprised all the things you forgot if you sat down with your child and read his or her history book together. From who Henry Hudson was (and his mutinous crew) to Queen Elizabeth’s acidic makeup, you’ll be just as awed as your child. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to teach your child how to learn for themselves as well, like looking up words they don’t know or historical facts. Learning together is great quality family time you don’t want to miss out on.
  • Fill the space. Having activities for your child to do at home will prevent boredom and a routine that involves screen time. Keep a box full of craft supplies that you pull out from time to time, and go wild. Make a snowman out of craft balls, a pumpkin out of construction paper, or a paper mache fish. Let your child lead the way, and you follow!


Mizzentop Day School is a private day school in Pawling. We take a holistic approach to education that allows your child to go at his or her own pace, learning what it means to live in this world. We encourage parental involvement and do everything we can to support your child’s learning at home. Your child will be engaged academically, socially, and emotionally throughout their entire time here at Mizzentop. Our academics are rigorous, while our living values are incorporated in every subject throughout the day.

As your child progresses through Mizzentop, he or she will enter an advisory program to help them decide on what their next step is once they leave the 8th grade here. While graduation day is always bittersweet here at Mizzentop Day School in Pawling, we are confident that your child will continue to grow and prosper in their chosen high school.

If you are interested in our school, contact us today for a tour and to learn more!