The Importance of Parents’ Presence Inside the Classroom




Parents are such a big part of kids’ lives. After all, when they were little, they looked to you for their every need, from basic needs such as eating and bathing to the fun times such as taking them to the park of helping them pet the kitty. When your little one fell, they came to you for comfort. When your little one was scared, you held them close.

As your child ages, this inherent need does not change; it only manifests itself in different ways. While their basic needs are mostly taken care of by themselves (they no longer need your help dressing), they now look to you to help them understand the world and solve complicated societal and relationship problems, such as what to do when someone calls them a name or why the sky is blue.

When your child goes to school, they miss you — sometimes terribly at the beginning. It can be hard for your child to learn to trust their teacher. Ultimately, Mizzentop Day School in Pawling hopes your child will bond with their teachers and come to trust them with problems. We understand that this takes time. However, your presence in the classroom can make all the difference. In this blog post, we’ll explore how a parent’s presence in the classroom can help children learn. Contact us today for admission information and a tour!




  • Shows support. Children are keen observers, and when you show up in your child’s classroom and help your teacher, this sends a powerful signal to your child that his or her teacher is trustworthy. It shows you support the teacher and what the teacher is doing inside the classroom. If you ask questions of the teacher while you are there, this also shows your child that he or she can ask too.
  • Eases your child’s fears. Many children are scared to go to school. After all, it’s a big place with lots of adults and kids around, many of whom they don’t know. The first days of school for your preschooler and kindergartner can be frightening times. If you offer to help the first few days of school, your child will be calmer and thus will learn better. As your child becomes more comfortable, your presence is still important, just less so.
  • Kids are better adjusted to a classroom setting. When you’re in the classroom with your child, you will learn the day’s routine and what the teacher expects from the children. Often, especially with younger kids, the kids can’t communicate this to the parents and when problems develop, everyone is confused as to why. When you volunteer in the classroom, you’ll learn your teacher’s routine and patterns that will help you when communicating with your child about school.
  • Parents’ fears are eased as well. In our last blog post, we discussed how parents still need to be involved in their child’s education when their children go to school. Many parents have just as much fear and anxiety of trusting others to their children’s education as the kids themselves. By volunteering in the classroom, you’ll set your mind at ease as well as you get to know the teacher and learn the teacher’s goals for your child.
  • A little time goes a long way. A lot of families have both parents that work, making volunteering at you child’s school hard. However, you don’t have to commit yourself to helping for a whole day. Sneak in an hour or two when you can. For example, use your lunch hour to help out with your kids’ lunch hour. Eat lunch with your child. It’ll give your child a breather and a chance to express their day while it’s still going on. You can be the breath of fresh air your child needs on a rough day. Coming for two hours for a special poetry recital or staying a little extra in the morning at drop off can help your child get organized for the day.
  • Your child’s teacher will thank you. Teachers are expected to do a lot in the classroom, and they need help and support like we do. Even if you just show up to make copies for the week, you free up that time for your child’s teacher who can then use that time for planning purposes. Every little bit helps and by easing some time constraints of your teacher, your child will benefit as well from a less-stressed, calmer presence in their classroom.


A parent’s presence in the classroom is powerful, especially at the beginning of the school year. In general, the younger your child is, the more of an effect you’ll have by being in the classroom. You’ll get to know the other children as well, so you can better relate to your child when they talk about their friends. Children usually love having their parents show up at their school. Their faces brighten up when they see you, and they proudly say things like, “This is my mom or dad” to the other kids. Being a presence in your child’s classroom will help your child succeed in the classroom, and it will help set your mind at ease.

Mizzentop Day School in Pawling is the best private day school. We offer a strong culture that supports your child as an individual in a holistic way. Our educational curriculum is challenging academically and is tailored to each child’s needs and learning styles. By keeping our classrooms small, your child gets the individual attention he or she needs. Our mission is to guide your child towards independence, incorporating the Living Values Education program in all facets of what we do. With plenty of hands-on learning and critical thinking, your child will never be bored here at Mizzentop Day School in Pawling. We want to partner with you in your child’s education, and we believe we are the best. Contact us today for a tour of our school and for admissions information!