The Value of Extracurricular Activities


One of Mizzentop Day School’s top priorities is community service. We believe in teaching children to be a part of something greater than themselves and to help each other in this world and in this life. Through committing to doing community service projects throughout the year, Mizzentop’s students learn social awareness, compassion, and cooperation — essential skills for leadership and for finding a place in this world.

Mizzentop Day School in Pawling’s mission is to help your child find their passions in this world. One way to do this is to expose them to a variety of extracurricular activities to see what makes their heart sing. Do they like the performing arts, creating art from clay, or do they like team sports? Do they like to sing, dance, or play an instrument? Perhaps rescuing kitties is their thing. At Mizzentop Day School, we offer a variety of extracurricular activities in order to fuel your children’s passion, from theatre to team sports. Below, in this blog post, we’ll discuss the value of extracurricular activities to create a well-rounded child. Contact us for admission information today!




  • Improves social and personal skills. It’s easy to make friends when you have something in common, namely the activity your children are participating in. It’s an instant conversation starter and a way to get to know other kids in a no-pressure environment. Furthermore, when your child takes karate lessons, for example, there will probably be kids of different ages as well as adults with whom to develop positive relationships with and learn how to interact with. Your child may even form bonds with animals in an extracurricular activity that involves helping care for cats and dogs like volunteering at the local humane society.
  • Gives them value or meaning. Some kids who don’t necessarily excel academically can find value and meaning in extracurricular activities, especially if they find they have a talent others don’t. Singing, playing an instrument, or being the star football player can make your child feel special outside of school, can give your child a purpose, can improve their self-esteem, and can help them find a lifelong passion. Through these activities, your child will also get a chance to incorporate our Living Values, such as Cooperation, Honesty, Tolerance, and Responsibility, outside the classroom.
  • Learn life skills. Most of life is practice, whether it’s practicing excelling at academics in Mizzentop Day School, practicing being a good parent, or practicing being a phenomenal piano player. Besides being fun, extracurricular activities allow your child to practice, develop, and then cultivate important life skills such as leadership, time management, discipline, teamwork, conflict resolution, public speaking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Learn a lifestyle. If your child plays team sports, you’ll know that your child is getting plenty of exercise doing his or her chosen sport, such as field hockey, soccer, basketball, or lacrosse, which are offered here at Mizzentop Day School. In order to perform well, your child will need to eat a healthy, balanced meal before playing. Doing this repeatedly (exercise and eating well) will form a habit that will flow over for life.
  • Better behavior and academic performance. Kids who have interests outside of school tend to behave better in school and perform better academically. One reason for this is because of consequences. For example, to play sports in middle school and in high school, you have to maintain a certain grade point average or you are benched. For younger kids, the parents usually do the discipline by taking sports or favorite activities, such as gymnastics or karate, away for poor performing grades. Extracurricular activities sponsored through the school, such as plays, musicals, choir concerts, or sports games, also give kids a pride in their school. For example, playing field hockey for Mizzentop Day School will give kids pride in their hard work and a sense of accomplishment for winning as a team for their school. It will also lead to deeper friendships and a sense of belonging, and as kids enter their awkward teenage years, is important.
  • Discover passions. We briefly mentioned this before, but it’s so important we wanted to highlight this one again. Finding your passion is something many kids struggle with. Your passion can lead you to discovering your place in life. Many entrepreneurs have turned their passions into a hobby and then into a phenomenal business idea. Maybe your daughter loves to bake, so she sets up a brownie stand in her neighborhood, and the next thing you know she’s set up a brownie shop. Maybe your son loves to make YouTube videos, and the next thing you know he has his own YouTube channel and is making money showing others how to do the same thing.
  • Lose themselves. Some of the best times in children’s lives come when they are doing what they love, from performing in a band to winning the state championship to winning a 5k for their age group. Extracurricular activities offer kids a break from academic life and give them a chance to be themselves and explore in a safe, supportive environment. It gives them a chance to disconnect from screen time and the online world and engage with others in a meaningful way.
  • Goal setting. Nothing is more powerful than setting a goal and accomplishing it. The same power lies in setting goals and coming close to accomplishing them because then you can improve and win the next time. Furthermore, kids will have different goals doing the same activity. For example, if the activity is cross country, some kids’ goals are to be the best. Some kids’ goals are just to run one lap around the track without stopping. One of the best things in life is that one size does not fit all. Growing occurs in the journey and not necessarily at the end.


Mizzentop Day School in Pawling is a private day school that understands the value of supporting students as they discover themselves and their talents in this world. Self-discovery and self-expression are some of the founding values of our amazing art, theatre, and music program. Giving students an opportunity to act, sing, dance, and perform increases self-esteem, pride in their craftsmanship, and a deep sense of teamwork and accomplishment. Extracurricular activities offer up some of the life lessons we want to instill in children through our Living Values system. We offer children the freedom to choose activities that give them happiness that they can then share with the world.

Mizzentop Day School is the best private school in Pawling. We exist to help parents develop their children into well-rounded citizens who take an active role in their community. Through offering extracurricular activities and encouraging kids to do more outside of school, we are helping kids learn more about themselves, who they are, and most importantly, who they want to become. Our private day school offers amazing academics with very small classroom sizes in order to offer the most personal attention possible. We offer a supportive environment so your kids can feel free to discover hidden talents and share them with the world. Visit us today for a tour of our school, ask about admissions to our private day school, or contact us online!