This is where your journey begins.
There's nothing like learning at Mizzentop.
Mizzentop inspires the hearts and minds of students through our connected curriculum and our culture of Living Values. Under the guidance of talented and dedicated faculty, children learn to engage with the ideas of others and contribute with purpose to the world around them.

The MDS Advantage

At Mizzentop, you’re not tied down to a narrow sense of your own ability. You can take risks. You can pitch in. You can adapt. And that’s what life will demand of you. This is the place where you discover that your questions, ideas, and talents are needed and you are needed. This is where you learn your strengths, find your voice, and discover that there’s nothing you can’t learn. You will transform yourself, and that can lead to transforming the world.
"Classes at Mizzentop collide and feed off one another. It's a place where you learn to look at the world through a new perspective."

Artists Flourish

Our students write, paint, draw, sing, act, and create more than they ever have before, studying foreign places and new ideas, and inventing things that solve real problems.

Scholars Excel

Our teachers tap students’ creative, intellectual, and physical energy to get children out of their seats and into the world. Small class sizes ensure that each student receives the individual attention that they deserve.

Athletes Thrive

From soccer and lacrosse to Quidditch, children are sure to find a sport they enjoy and excel in at Mizzentop. Our supportive faculty and coaches ensure that each student feels safe, secure, and empowered to try something new.