Affording Mizzentop
Enrolling your child at Mizzentop is an investment in their future. We will know your child, love your child, and help your child be successful. Research shows that families who choose independent schools like Mizzentop are making a choice for talented, engaging teachers, for a hardworking peer group, and for a community that prioritizes shared responsibility for learning.

Our Commitment to Families

We are deeply committed to cultivating a community of varying perspectives that reflects the diversity of experience of our community. We encourage all families to apply for admission, regardless of ability to pay full tuition. The admission review process and financial aid review processes occur independently of each other, and your application for financial aid has no bearing on admission decisions.

Financial Aid

Financial aid at Mizzentop is determined by a family's ability to meet educational expenses. We strive to keep tuition affordable without sacrificing the extraordinary strength of our programs or quality of our faculty. We can also help families find creative, manageable ways to pay for their child’s education, including monthly tuition payment plans.