Visual Art & Music
Our connected curriculum makes art and music a central component of practically any lesson. At Mizzentop, students have opportunities to study music, visual art, digital media, and theater, where they can find, develop, and explore their interests.

Visual Art

Mizzentop’s Art Program is a means for self-discovery and self-expression, allowing students to discover many solutions to the same problem as well as their own personal artistic nature. Year after year, Eighth Grade students leave behind their legacy by designing the yearbook cover and the eighth grade banner, a representation of who they are as a group and of their many contributions to the Mizzentop community. Second graders travel back to the Mesozoic period to learn about the bone structure and eating habits of dinosaurs, creating replicas out of paper mache; third graders celebrate the Chinese New Year by parading their dragon puppets through the halls of the school; the Sixth Grade class can be found jousting with their Medieval shields, constructed with their family crest.


Like a needle gliding along the B-side of a timeless record, the music program at Mizzentop sets the tone for creativity and self-expression. Pre-K students playing percussion instruments together in a drum circle strengthens their coordination; kindergarteners, focusing on memorizing a new song, work on their memorization and language skills. Students playing ostinatos on xylophones further develop their sense of pattern recognition, while seventh and eighth graders learning to play the guitar learn the discipline it takes to learn something new.
Additional opportunities and vocal lessons available through Zamek Music.


Throughout each 10 week session of Mizzentop Studio Theater, participants learn what it takes to be a part of a full theater program through rehearsals, acting workshops and technical theater production. Each session culminates in a production of a musical or play, demonstrating the craft and elements of theater developed during this process. The study of theater is one of dedication and commitment and for this students are rewarded with heightened self-esteem, pride in creativity and craft, and a deepened sense of self and work ethic.