The gym is booming with voices as you walk into a Sixth Grade class during a spirited floor hockey game; a third grader is leading warm-ups practicing yoga “downward dog or warrior pose”; the Pre-K students have found their pulse as they check their heartbeat after their run. The Eighth Grade class works together to make their own volleyball teams while living the values that they are reminded of on the walls of every classroom. At Mizzentop, the Physical Education program expands far beyond physical activity and skill development: our students are captains, trailblazers, and leaders - both on and off the field.


Students can choose to participate in field hockey, soccer, basketball or lacrosse. The athletic program at Mizzentop Day School is an educational and competitive sports experience within an atmosphere of sportsmanship and personal excellence. Our teams promote a high standard of competence, character, civility, and citizenship. Players develop a sense of fair play through responsibility, accountability, trustworthiness, and dedication to their chosen sport.