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Children, like adults, function best in routine. When they know what is coming next, they can prepare for it and overall be more comfortable. This is especially important in younger children who really have no sense of time. Mizzentop Day School in Pawling is the best private day school. We offer a superior education while…(Read More)

As much as we may lament and push back against technology, the Digital Age is here to stay. The latest research indicates that the average age for a child to get his or her first cell phone is at 10.3 years of age. By age 12, half of all kids have social media accounts…(Read More)

One of Mizzentop Day School’s top priorities is community service. We believe in teaching children to be a part of something greater than themselves and to help each other in this world and in this life. Through committing to doing community service projects throughout the year, Mizzentop’s students learn social awareness, compassion, and…(Read More)

  From the moment you discover you’re expecting a baby, parenthood begins. Every decision you make matters in your child’s life, from what you eat when you’re pregnant to what college your child should attend and beyond.   When your child is young, the focus is on daily care: diaper changes, feedings…(Read More)

Private schools in Pawling have different emphases when it comes to their approach to education. At Mizzentop Day School, we believe in creating well-rounded individuals by providing a quality education and by standing for a timeless system of values. That’s why our private elementary and middle school subscribes to the Living Values system…(Read More)

Mizzentop Day School is a private school in Pawling that seeks to imbibe Living Values in all we do. This means we not only teach them explicitly to our students, but we also have our faculty, staff, and administration demonstrate these values on However, in order to effectively teach children these values, we also need…(Read More)

We believe a school sets itself apart from the rest by the education it provides to its students. However, it’s just as important that a school espouses the right values. At Mizzentop Day School, we are the only private school in Pawling that fully integrates UNICEF’s Living Values not only into our curriculum…(Read More)

At our private school in Pawling, we subscribe to UNICEF’s Living Values Education program. We believe these principles should permeate everything we do in the classroom. Whether kids are diving in on an important project, working with their classmates, or even talking to their teachers, the classroom should be an environment where these values…(Read More)