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We all believe class-size matters. We’ve seen the news about about why smaller class sizes are better for children. It makes sense. Smaller class sizes mean teachers are less distracted; each child gets more individual attention, and there are more opportunities for interactive activities. It is just common sense that managing an activity…(Read More)

There is a lot of buzz in the business world these days about Design Thinking, which is really just the application of creativity, art, and all of the ambiguity they encompass, to developing practical solutions for real-world problems. People consider Design Thinking to be a new convergence of the creative and scientific mindsets. What…(Read More)

The Storytelling Tradition: Storytelling is our oldest form of teaching. For more than 200,000 years, human beings have used storytelling to teach about cultural history, pass down survival skills, and create a sense of place and belonging through shared experience. Human beings wouldn’t have survived this long without the power of storytelling to…(Read More)

“My morning run is the in-between space of yesterday’s forgotten problems and today’s beautiful possibilities,” author unknown. It’s 5:55 am and crisp outside.  I wait for Mrs. Kellogg to fly up the driveway.  We comment on how cold it is, we fix our head lamps and try to avoid the…(Read More)

Why do we still insist on teaching printing and cursive at Mizzentop Day School?  Shouldn’t all students bypass these skills and go straight to the keyboard?  We don’t think so!  Even before the implementation of Common Core standards in public schools, few public schools were still teaching cursive writing.  Now that the Common…(Read More)

For me, teaching has always been about connections.  The connection I have to the student and his/her family, the connection we both have to new and old curricular material at hand, and the connections the students have to each other are the keys to successful education.  Schools extend these connections and include faculty, administrators…(Read More)

We celebrate kindness by putting it into action! Mizzentop Day School recently hosted a school-wide No-Name Calling Week in order to inspire an on-going dialogue about ways to challenge bullying and name-calling at school and in our communities. Research continues to highlight the prevalence of biased language, name-calling and bullying…(Read More)

Students in Mizzentop Day School’s eighth and third grade are participating in special relaxation efforts as they learn to keep their minds calm and anxiety-free. During their yoga class this week, Mrs. Kellogg’s third graders each had four smooth stones that represented calm water, mountains, flowers and space. While in their relaxation…(Read More)