Equity and Inclusion
At Mizzentop, we stand up and speak out for the common good. Students learn about and are engaged in addressing critical issues - hunger, our environment, human and civil rights, and more - while contributing to the betterment of themselves and others.

Our Community

We understand that students learn best when they feel connected and valued. As an educational community grounded in the Living Values, MDS encourages and welcomes a range of experiences and perspectives. We seek to be an open community where multiple voices and experiences are heard.

Mizzentop Day School is committed to maintaining an environment that is consistent with our Living Values, in which all people are respected and valued. To that end, the Mizzentop community is dedicated to challenging bias through awareness, critical thinking, and by building skills and community in the context of valuable relationships. The School actively strives to recognize, respect, and celebrate the differences and commonalities that shape the individual and collective identities of its members. Discrimination in any form, such as that based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status, will not be tolerated.
Our Approach

Inclusive Policies and Practices

Our policies and practices reflect Mizzentop’s commitment to fostering an educational environment that is safe and free from discrimination for all students. Records, forms, and other administrative documents are maintained in a manner consistent with our goal of respecting the various identities of our students.

Diverse Themes and Events

Faculty within each division participate in teaching common curricular themes throughout the year. Our goal is to celebrate diversity and our commitment to equality and mutual respect and to appreciate the contributions of the various multicultural groups. Events include: Anti-Bullying Spirit Day, No Name-Calling Week, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Black History Month, and Multicultural Day, among others.

Professional Development

The School provides ongoing professional development for faculty, such as our annual in-service training sessions.

Reflective Practice

Faculty are regularly encouraged to engage in reflective practice through implicit bias training, curriculum review, and self-study.