It starts with one child.
One child challenged to discover their passion for learning.
One child encouraged to stand together on common ground.
One child inspired to explore something new.

Now is the time for leadership, generosity, and community to come together.
For our children. For our future. For the journey ahead.
A robust Annual Fund is crucial to the
financial health of the school.
The Annual Fund supplements annual expenses and priorities not covered by tuition. Your donation supports all aspects of Mizzentop including classroom supplies, educational technology, and extracurricular activities.

At Mizzentop, students are taught to explore, experience and discover the world of knowledge.
We know and care about our students. Mizzentop's small class sizes enable children to learn from each other and their teachers. Children are taught the importance of social awareness, the need for compassion and strength found through cooperation.

Our School. Our Future.
Our Classrooms
Our classrooms are filled with laughter, chatter, and curiosity as students share the excitement of a funny book or a new adventure with their teacher. Your gift will support the joy of learning by allowing us to purchase new materials and equipment.

Our Extracurricular Activities
Your gift will empower our community of movie makers and musicians, software engineers and game designers, athletes and future Olympians - all of whom are taking their first steps in a safe and nurturing environment.
Our Campus
Mizzentop's facility offers a balance of structured seating and free thinking spaces. Your support will help us maintain and grow our initiatives to bring learning into the 21st century.
Our Financial Aid
Our students don't just learn from their teachers - they learn from each other. Financial aid is our most important tool for building the strongest student body and school community possible.