Our Living Values
Mizzentop is the only school in the United States to fully implement the Living Values Educational Program throughout every grade.
Everything we do at Mizzentop - every class, performance, sport, and act of service - is grounded in the belief that education is an indispensable asset in our attempt to attain the ideals of peace, freedom, and equality. What children learn now is later woven into the fabric of society. Mizzentop’s Living Values foster a deeper and more harmonious form of development by asking students to engage in the community with respect, confidence and purpose.
First developed by an international coalition of educators along with UNICEF, our Living Values empower students to be their best selves in and for the world. Prosocial values - such as acceptance, honesty, love, and responsibility - are embedded within every aspect of our community, creating a caring, respectful environment where students grasp the impact of their words and actions on others. Students are engaged in reflection, visualization, and artistic expression to draw out their ideas; cognitive and emotional skills grow as they are engaged in analyzing events and dreaming up new solutions. This creates an atmosphere in which all students feel respected, valued, understood, loved and safe, and where each child enjoys learning.

An Inclusive Community

Our Living Values prepare children to become engaged and aware individuals who value and respect others - on campus and wherever they go. Our students, faculty, and school community welcome the world, and our role in it, in all its diversity.

As early as Pre-Kindergarten, children are engaged in activities and conversations that foster inclusivity. We celebrate and learn from each other’s differences through cultural competence, situational awareness, and open-mindedness. Students reflect on their own upbringing while being exposed to entirely different ways of being through the curriculum and their classroom community. The ethical and social value of equity and inclusion is formally incorporated into learning through dialogue, projects and lessons, and discussed casually during our family-style meals and advisory meetings.
A place where everyone is known and valued.

Peaceful Places

Whether for reading, reflection or just some time away, there is a quiet place within each Lower School classroom for children to relax in. These spaces provide children with an opportunity to learn to interact with each other and adults in a caring and respectful manner.

Community Service

All Mizzentop students participate in community service projects throughout the year. Through these projects children are taught the importance of social awareness, the need for compassion and strength found through cooperation.

Advisory Program

Through advisory groups, our skilled faculty guides middle-school students to focus on non-academic aspects of their development. Advisors lead group discussions, conflict resolution exercises, and artistic activities.

Prepared for the Future

Because of our Living Values curriculum, Mizzentop graduates a new group of honorable citizens each year, prepared to make a difference in the world and who thoughtfully consider how they fit into that world.