Our Methods
Effective Teaching
We see ourselves as caring guides for children and young adolescents. Our faculty uses a behavioral coaching method known as STET, Systematic Training for Effective Teaching. Every three years, all faculty members refresh their training in these techniques with a year-long, in-house professional development course.

The Core Principles of STET*, as developed by Dr. Alfred Adler, psychotherapist and researcher, are:

  • Children are social beings
  • A child's behavior is goal oriented
  • A child's primary goal is to belong and feel significant
  • A misbehaving child is a discouraged child
  • Social interest or responsibility, a desire to contribute
  • A child is equal in value to adults
  • Mistakes are opportunities to learn
  • Make sure the message of love gets through
Although Mizzentop has a set curriculum, we are never done tinkering with it. We want students to learn to make connections and find synergies between subjects. We have developed and continue to refine an academic program that is integrated with the arts, physical education, foreign language, library and technology. Our specials teachers engage in a free-flow of ideas in ongoing planning with subject area teachers to bring topics and concepts to life.

Explore our Special Areas Division to see examples of the unique curricular integration that you'll find here at Mizzentop.