Our Campus
Mizzentop Day School is located in the quaint village of Pawling, New York. Nestled in the Dutchess County foothills of the Berkshires, our school offers a splendid combination of both town and country living. Mizzentop borders Putnam County and Connecticut, making the school accessible from a variety of locations.
Mizzentop students are eligible for busing from 6 surrounding school districts.

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Check with your local school district’s transportation office to determine your address falls within our busing range.

Main Building

Located in the heart of Pawling, New York, Mizzentop Day School's campus is designed to support each student's learning and growth. Focused on student-centered learning, our campus facilities are more than buildings, they are teaching tools. In both formal and informal ways, they promote interdisciplinary learning and collaboration.

Learning Environment

For our students, the sunny classrooms and playing fields quickly come to feel like home. Our facilities include numerous flexible learning spaces with interactive whiteboards, art and music rooms, a gymnasium with a student-designed rock climbing wall, a library, and a computer lab with a MakerSpace and digital arts studio.

Natural Surroundings

Our students are surrounded by nature. Farms and fields are just minutes away, making for easy field trips and adventures.