As you walk toward the gym, you hear cheering; a first grader just mastered the grapevine! An eighth grade student conquered the plank! At lunch, just under the hum of students chatting, you hear a Second Grade student singing “Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog”, a song from last year’s Pre-K graduation; you see the Third Grade class entering the computer lab bursting with anticipation and excitement when they are told that they’ll be coding!

We are a community of movie makers and musicians, software engineers and game designers, athletes and future Olympians - all of whom are taking their first steps in a safe and nurturing environment. Our students express themselves and discover their talents through digital storytelling and theater, sculpture and portraiture, and through indoor rock climbing and personal fitness.

Just as families pass on the wisdom of their ancestors, our Special Areas teachers share their passions to inspire the next generation of musicians, athletes, and programmers. We awaken the imagination and creativity that lives inside of every child by bringing the classroom out into the world to expand their perspective. Students uncover the subtleties of their social studies lessons as they play Meso-American games in Phys. Ed. and sing tribal songs in music class.